A huge thank you to the individuals, groups and businesses that have provided financial support and in-kind donations to COG!


Individual Donors

Melanie Arnett

Richard Vincent

Emily Parsons

Dan McCoy

Van Jacobson

Matt Nagy

Alec Muthig

Robert Lefevre

Onies Heckart

Peter Thorsness

Neil Benton

Brett Kvenild

Christine Porter

Kathryn Jenkins

Kimmey Giffin

Lydia Mullins

Dan LaMere

Willow Belden

Kate Joyce

Paul Stone

Megan Kathleen Joyce


Pedal House

Dominos Pizza

Laramie BikeNet

State Trails

Wyoming Conservation Corps

USFS Laramie Ranger District


Laramie Solid Waste Division

Library Sports Grille & Brewery

Coal Creek Coffee

Wyoming Pathways

University of Wyoming Outdoor Program

University of Wyoming SLCE

Ridley’s Family Market


Brown & Gold